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U.S. market partnership with DVI Communications

New York, April 17, 2019 – DVI Communications is proud to partner with Spacewell to offer advanced Smart Building services to the U.S. market. Spacewell is the industry-leading IWMS and Smart Buildings supplier offering a suite of easily-deployed yet very powerful software to enhance the value of client’s working space from an office floor to an entire building. DVI Communications is a full-service technology consulting firm, providing analysis and design solutions, with decades of experience in the commercial, financial, institutional, and public sector arena.

Mr. Benedict Occhiogrosso, CEO of DVI Communications stated “We are excited to work with Spacewell, enabling our clients to avail themselves of a globally-proven and seamless monitoring resource of space, comfort and energy within their office environments. We are confident that the Spacewell solution will not only maximize our clients’ current committed real estate investments/spend, but that they will also benefit by leveraging the actionable insights generated by the cloud-based tools Spacewell has developed and already broadly deployed in many advanced countries worldwide, helping these clients better manage occupancy requirements in the future.  We view Spacewell as a tremendous asset for both tenants and building ownership alike in reducing costs and improving the workplace environment.  Spacewell’s ability to capture data real time provides actionable building insights that lead to enhanced operating efficiencies.”

“We are very happy to partner with DVI Communications, a leading and highly respected ICT firm with a wealth of expertise across many industry verticals”, commented Steve Morren, Sales Director Americas for Spacewell. “Like SpacewellDVI Communications sees technology as a business enabler. Consequently, DVI Communications attaches a lot of importance to change management to ensure that new technologies are thoroughly implemented to maximize ROI. We are, therefore, looking forward to a successful, long-term partnership, that will allow DVI to introduce Spacewell’s smart building solutions to a growing number of U.S. businesses.”

About DVI Communications

DVI Communications’ practice supports clients in the United States nationwide, with focus in Northeast, Mid- Atlantic and NYC Metro regions.  DVI Communications is a long-operating concern headquartered in the heart of Wall Street, providing analysis, design and specification within the commercial real estate space, and is a seasoned facilitator of converged IT solutions.  DVI Communications possesses an optimal blend of industry experience across multiple verticals with diverse communities of interest and extensive technological expertise leveraging information processing, IP/telecommunications networking utilizing both wireless and cabling infrastructure.  DVI Communications engages in systematic practices and procedures which have been successfully used to plan, design, specify, evaluate, procure and support the implementation and deployment of integrated solutions that are secure, scalable, robust and resilient.

The DVI Communications client base and engagement track record spans multiple verticals inclusive of the following vertical markets:

  • Education & Institutional
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Industrials
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Not-For-Profit
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Transportation & Energy

About Spawewell

Spacewell, part of the publicly-traded Nemetschek Group, is a technology and consulting firm, supporting its clients across the globe to improve the performance of their building portfolios. Our core purpose is to make buildings work harder for their occupants through unlocking the power of building data. We assist our clients to optimize their facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working.

We believe technology solutions need to address real-world challenges and enable scenarios that quickly yield ROI. That is why we have a seasoned advisory team working closely with technology experts and software developers. It is also why we are at the forefront of BIM and IoT integration in IWMS software, enabling our clients to benefit from rich asset information and real-time data from sensors.

Spacewell has over 2 million users across many vertical industries, including large corporates, facility and real estate services firms and public sector entities. Spacewell, that currently employs 300 people, operates globally with offices across EMEA, North America and APAC, and an expanding partner network.