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Information Builders Inc.

Even companies in the business of Information Technology — who clearly know their own area well — often need help in areas outside of their core competencies, DVI can fill this gap in many instances, including technology infrastructure and networking systems deployment.

For Information Builders Inc. (IBI) DVI supported this high-technology software development firm with its relocation to 2 Penn Plaza in NYC.  The project involved the design, procurement and implementation management of the company’s communications distribution system, LAN/WAN, and voice communications systems.  In addition, DVI designed a state of the art Data Center which functions both as a central repository for corp. data and a testing ground for the company’s software products.  The office consisted of a traditional workspace along with many specialized high-end computer laboratories and workstations at which project development is done.  The overall site was four floors totaling 200,000 square feet. The project’s highlights include:  numerous information technology closets, a 10,000 sq. ft. production data center, and seven (7) Cat. 5 cables to each workstation, as well as an MMFO backbone.  The site features a Nortel PBX/ACD supporting in excess of 1,200 employees, and a call center with VRU front-end for 100 + agents.  

The project was fasttrack…To ensure a seamless multi-phased move, DVI arranged for data tie lines between our old and new locations; DVI ‘s expertise and persistence delivered a first-rate project in this highly complex, time-intensive relocation.”

-Ron Iwersen, Director of Computer Services, Information Builders Inc.