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Large Metropolitan Police Department

DVI has supported a large number of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity initiatives over the years, often in conjunction with a technology relocation project.

For a Large Metropolitan Police Department DVI was responsible both to PD chiefs, PD Dispatch and Communications (D&C) as well as its Police Support Unit (PSU). Several large – scale projects were encompassed under his leadership including:

  • Relocation of PD IT and telecommunications assets out of 345 Madison Ave. to Long Island City
  • Disaster Recovery backup enhancements for PD telecommunications and IT systems
  • Upgrade of telecommunications systems and services in LIC Long Island City (radio tie lines from transportation agencies) plus all Verizon Services hardened and backed up
  • Development of the a backup facility and Dispatch & communications center
    Relocation of PD HQ personnel from the existing office locations to the backup facility
  • Development and update of IT/ Telecoms Disaster Recovery plans