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Intimately knowing your market – Effectively supporting your bottom line

DVI understands the technology needs of key vertical markets, based on our extensive hands-on experience with industry leaders in different segments. Our trademark is working collaboratively with the customer to achieve on-spec, on-time, on-budget results.

Achieving that bottom line goal begins with our high-end technical consultative know-how, with which we fuse the skills of economics and market dynamics. Enriched by experience across industries and institutions, we bring innovation to the process of technology problem-solving.

Our concentrated and specialized focus on specific market segments and industries fosters the technical specialization, market intelligence, industry perspective and practical experience that enhances the project’s bottom-line. We design and deliver technical facilities, mission–critical facilities, data centers, Call/Contact centers, Network Operation Centers, and Critical Command and Control Centers. We bring Clients a broad array of integrated solutions and industry best practices to a gamut of market segments.

Our technology know-how, design expertise, and operational perspective makes us an ideal partner for you; our long-established craft enables us to predict, prevent and correct problems across the full life cycle of a project.

Our practice solutions we have applied and developed for clients in many different market segments and industries.