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Global Multinational Financial Firm

DVI has extensive experience to support largescale deployments of complex IT and telecommunications systems supporting numerous applications in retail, Investment and Institutional banking settings.

Over the years, DVI supported Citibank and Citicorp in over two dozen projects. A sampling of the projects follows:

 For Citicorp Corporate Technology Office (CTO), DVI performed a comprehensive state‑of‑the‑art survey and analysis of digital PBXs to be used for voice and data communications throughout Citibank (an installed base of over 250 switches nationwide). The study encompassed switch technology, architecture, features and life‑cycle cost, as well as vendor viability and market share. This study was used as a basis for determining volume purchase agreements with major PBX suppliers at the time .

For Citibank, N.Y. Support Unit, DVI designed and procured a multi‑node N.Y. City wide voice communications system supporting over 20,000 lines (Citipax). This distributed system replaced several large existing PBXs as well as Telco Centrex service and is based upon digital central office technology. Three NTI SL‑100s were deployed to serve five locations. This system was also expanded to include an 8000‑user voice messaging system (VMS). DVI supported feasibility, economic and requirements analyses as well as the design, engineering and implementation support for Citipax. DVI also performed a detailed disaster recovery plan/vulnerability analysis.

For Citibank New York Banking Division, DVI supported the capacity planning and disaster recovery analysis for three call centers (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) for DDA Account Maintenance. The systems supported in excess of 400 customer service agents using a combination of Rockwell ACD and Periphonics VRU. This network pioneered the “one number” relationship concept throughout ten (10) area codes where the retail bank had physical presence.

For Citibank, International Communications (ICOM), DVI supported the upgrade of the Citibank Global Telecommunications Network (GTN), which was Citibank’s international data highway supporting global user application access and host-to-host communications in seventy-four (74) countries. DVI supported Citibank in internal project proposal to the senior management, including a five-year financial analysis, Network and support requirements specification, vendor evaluation/selection, contract negotiation, acceptance test plans and pilot network implementation/migration. As related work efforts, DVI also performed competitive tariff analyses of GTN vs. the PTTs and developed global unified GTN tariff models. Also for ICOM, DVI developed a framework for packet network performance simulation model, which was employed by Citibank as the benchmark for performance analyses and measurements delivered by the network equipment vendors.. DVI also participated in a task force to redesign Citibank’s international message switching network, and recommended functional/software upgrades designed to improve performance.

For Citicorp Network Operations (Citisatcom) DVI supported the analysis, evaluation and vendor selection of a nationwide Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) satellite data communications network for a variety of interactive and batch applications.

For Citibank, Development Division DVI defined and evaluated the business merits of a Domestic Telecommunications Network to serve multiple distinct Citicorp businesses nationwide. DVI also assisted in the functional specification and design of a subscriber premises digital radio for the proprietary RDS POS system.

For Citicorp, Person-to-Person (PTP) DVI evaluated several proposed replacement PBXs for PTP’s tri-location corporate facilities in St. Louis. The replacement switches were interconnected in a feature-transparent manner and support approximately 3000 lines.

For Citicorp Consumer Services, Group Intl. (CSGI) DVI evaluated several implementation and software alternatives to support a complete OSI protocol suite on CSGI’s fault-tolerant Computer platform for deployment as a POS/ATM controller in various countries overseas.

For Citibank, Information Management Division (IMD) DVI performed a technical evaluation of a videotex-based Electronic Banking Product, Global Report to disseminate financial and economic information to various bank customers and personnel.

For Citibank, Direct Access (TTI) DVI analyzed and specified the delivery systems and particular services to be offered as part of a Home Banking System using data communications technology, which enables customers to perform bank transactions in the privacy of their homes.

For Citibank, Private Banking Group (PBG) DVI assisted in the development of telecommunications facility and cabling plans for PBG’s relocation to Court Square, in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

For Citibank, Corporate Affairs Group (CAG) DVI supported the telecommunications facility planning design, building cabling and relocation of CAG from 399 Park Avenue to 850 Third Avenue and Citibank’s new Court Square facility in in Long Island City, Queens, NY.

“DVI’s support continued over a period of nearly ten (10) years, during which time DVI provided our organization with an outstanding- level of service. DVI has the knowledge, competence and professionalism to provide quality results” – Daniel LaVecchia, Vice -President