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Keyspan Energy/National Grid

DVI has supported a large number of technology deployment and integrations initiatives over the years, often in conjunction with a technology relocation project, a data center buildout project, or a NOC creation.

Over the years, the former Brooklyn Union Gas Co. merged with Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO) to form Keyspan Energy. Keyspan was in turn been acquired by National Grid a regional energy concern.

DVI originally supported the development of Brooklyn Union Gas Co.’s new HQ at Metro Tech in Brooklyn NY.DVI designed and implemented a building-wide telecommunications infrastructure for BU’s Metro tech Center. This included a 2,000-line digital PBX/voice mail system, an automatic call distribution and call management system, and a high speed cabling plant (employing both copper & fiber optic cable) that interconnects an IBM mainframe that was designed so as to be upgradable to LAN technology at such a time as BU’s needs increase enough to warrant the upgrade. DVI also designed the data center (40,000 Sq. Ft.), call center (14,000 Sq. Ft.), and command and control center (40,000 Sq. Ft.). Among the highlights was a new, state-of-the-art Gas Operations systems command and control center (SCC), which among other things integrated system-wide alerts from gas operations and distribution (via SCADA) as well as dispatch of repair crews in the event of a gas leak or explosion.

DVI contributed immensely to the success of the relocation project by designing the telephone systems and developing the cable systems for our offices, Data Center, Call Center and Command & Control Center.

To better compete amidst the energy industry’s deregulation, we later retained DVI for a strategic analysis of our Enterprise-wide Data Network (LAN/WAN) to support our restructuring into a holding company. DVI recommended network upgrades to serve our users including secure remote access. Higher speed LAN/cabling and distributed network/systems management.

Having worked with DVI for nearly 10 years, I confidently recommend their technology consulting.”

-Tim Marco, Senior Telecommunication Planning Consultant