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DVI has deployed professional Audio-Visual systems for leading Fortune 500 companies for more than three decades.  We are knowledgeable of all the latest Video-over-IP and SIP systems and can deploy small or region-wide systems.

For AIG Financial Products, Wilton, CT, DVI provided Audio-Visual Consulting Services including a complete inventory of the two existing audiovisual systems an analysis of problems and clear plan, as well as for the enhancement of existing audiovisual facilities in as the new Conference and Morning Call rooms. The areas associated with this project encompass:

  • Existing 65 seat Morning Call Room.
  • Five (5) existing Conference Rooms.
  • Existing Gymnasium.
  • Existing head-end distribution area in Data Lab Room.
  • One (1) new 65 seat Morning Call Room.
  • One (1) new Conference room with audio-visual requirements.

DVI also provided preliminary budget pricing based on the recommended enhancements and additions.

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