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System Analysis and Audit Services

DVI augments and complements the day-to-day management and operation of our Clients’ IT/networking infrastructure:

DVI provides comprehensive quantitative analyses of Client Infrastructure assessing flexibility, scalability, availability, security (physical and electronic), and cost-effectiveness. We identify strengths/weaknesses and offer specific recommendations with cost estimates and as required, detailed designs for upgrade and enhancements including:

Performance Analysis measuring the throughput, capacity, loading and End-to-End response time for technology systems under various usage scenarios.
Continuity of Operation Assessment identifying systems robustness and recommending upgrading in the face of equipment failure, cable faults, site failure, area-wide catastrophes taking into account system reliability and redundancy configurations. DVI also reviews ConOps Plans & procedures.
Security Analysis assessing the in-place and physical security systems and procedures to attack and compromise. IT Systems include access control, firewalls, anti-virus detection, encryption/authentication, trusted computing, backup and recovery procedures. Physical Systems include CCTV, Card Access, Intruder Detection, mantraps. DVI also reviews security procedures in place to assess operational readiness.
Cost Analysis of Operations, with a particular focus on Cloud services and visualization analysis.