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Trust for Governors Island

DVI assists security-sensitive government (and commercial) customers deploy state-of-the-art IP cameras and surveillance equipment using both wireless and wired transport infrastructure.

For the Trust for Governors Island DVI provided technology consulting services for the island including design, engineering, and procurement support and implementation management for all technology systems to be deployed on Governors Island (GI).  This also includes physical security. Two systems were designed and were deployed.  They are: Battery Marine Building (BMB) CCTV system, which is the ferry terminal for access to GI, located on the southern tip of Manhattan; Island Perimeter CCTV system for GI; and, Ferry CCTV system.  

Under the BMB project a small, existing CCTV system was replaced with a new video management system suitable for the expanded requirements of GI and all new IP cameras were installed at the BMB.  The legacy cameras was also integrated with the new system and will be re-used on the island.  The existing wireless bridge linking BMB security to the Command Center on GI was replaced with a newer high speed system.  

The Island Perimeter CCTV system added 30 cameras to the new video management system to provide perimeter video coverage for GI in conformance with US Coast Guard and Federal Homeland Security MARSEC standards.  Since GI lacked a high speed backbone that can support IP cameras, these cameras were connected to the Command Center using wireless transmission technology. The Ferry CCTV system, also added to the new system (to meet MARSEC standards.)  IP cameras were placed on the ferry boat along with on-board real time video monitoring of the boat on the bridge.  These images are downloaded to the Command Center when the boat docks at either end of its run.  Other projects extended CCTV coverage to the interior of the island and add a card based access control system and visitor’s management system.  Both of these systems were integrated with the CCTV system.