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DVI can assist large multi-national institutions and agencies deploy wireline and wireless –based switching and transmission systems worldwide.

Over the years, DVI has contributed to a wide assortment of the UN’s high technology efforts, both in the NYC HQ, and overseas, in Geneva, Vienna, Bangkok, Addis Ababa, and Nairobi. A sample of some of these projects includes the following:

Cabling Standard.  DVI performed a series of analyses that led to the development of the new cabling standard for The UNHQ and other facilities.

UN New Headquarters Recabling and Data Communications Upgrade.  During The UN’s subsequent data cabling/LAN project DVI assisted with the selection of suitable locations for the data wiring hubs which proved to be a difficult task, especially in the Secretariat Building where the floor wiring closets were narrow and shared by electrical, telephone, video and data services, as well as being riddled with abandoned Centrex and Wang cables. As it was undesirable to locate wiring hubs in the office area, DVI personnel working in close coordination with The UN OAS and BMS, to perform a general investigation and provide technical advice on the best installation locations for each major building in the New York Headquarters complex, including: Secretariat, DC-1, DC-2, General Assembly, Conference Building, Library, and the North Lawn. This was a fast-track project. DVI contributed to all phases from “Needs Assessment” through Implementation. DVI also assisted in the contract negotiation and documentation process. DVI also provided telecommunications consulting services in support of modifications (adds, moves, changes) to previously completed/renovated floors. This entailed the management and re-certification of the cable plant, so as to extend the usable life of The UN’s LAN Cabling System.

Store and Forward Fax Network.  DVI analyzed fax usage and fax strategies, developed a facsimile switch RFP, and conducted a detailed evaluation of fax switch vendors’ responses. Significant aspects of the project included DVI’s needs assessment strategies, which allowed DVI to become familiar with The UN’s telecommunications and networking environment before developing the needed the specifications.

Recabling/New Telephone System for Overseas Missions.  DVI supported the deployment of telecom systems internationally for The UN. Projects were deployed at several overseas locations including Geneva, Vienna, Bangkok, Addis Ababa, and Nairobi.

Telephone Systems Audit.  DVI was also retained to perform an audit of the implementation and operation of a large and complex voice communications system (7,000+ lines). This project traced a toll-fraud problem that had developed and proven difficult to resolve due to the problem’s worldwide calling pattern. DVI’s responsibilities included an Operations Audit, Vulnerability Analysis, Legal Expert Advice/Testimony, the development of Standard Practices, and Procedures Documentation.

Optical Storage System.  DVI’ supported the drafting of the procurement contract for the Optical Disk System for Storage and Retrieval of UN documents, a project that was completed under very tight time restrictions.

Satellite Earth Station Network.  DVI designed and procured an 8-station (C-band) Satellite Network supporting UN operations in NY, Bangkok and Addis Ababa along with five (5) other international missions. The Scientific-Atlanta satellite network facilitated UN operations with high quality communications for voice, data, telex and fax.