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CUNY/CSI (City University of New York)

DVI has deep knowledge of educational and institutional environments and can assist these entities deploy cost-effective, secure, state-of-the-art systems.

For the College of Staten Island (CSI), City University of New York DVI provided information technology consulting and systems engineering support in conjunction with CSI’s new campus development at Willowbrook. This encompassed all telecommunications, data, video communications systems as well as campus/building cabling, radio and telemetry systems. Systems deployed support all day-to-day operations of CSI including telephone administration/academic computing, registration, finance, departmental needs, Museum, media/educational center, building and grounds. Systems acquired include cabling, fiber optic backbone and Ethernet feeder, LANs, a new 2,500-line three-node telephone switch and data communications servers. The communications infrastructure covered:

  • 19 buildings, 200+ acres
  • 2,500 PCs on campus-wide LAN with fiber optic backbone
  • 2,500 telephones
  • 110 multimedia/video rooms

DVI was also responsible for developing a technology implementation and transition plan for the relocation and consolidation from CSI’s existing campuses to the new campus at Willowbrook.

One of the innovations, which DVI introduced, was to lay additional duct bank interconnecting the buildings in the north and south academic quads as well as the administrative cluster of buildings enabling a physical ring architecture, which was leveraged to provide greater survivability of the cable infrastructure interconnecting the buildings.

A news profile on the new campus follows below: