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United Way

Not-For-Profit companies benefit from partnering with DVI for their technology deployments and technology relocation such as LAN, desktop, WAN, wireless, cloud services.

For United Way of New York City DVI managed the implementation of the United Way’s offices’ multi-phase relocation from 99 Park Avenue to Two Park Avenue.  Specifically, DVI managed the migration of voice communications and networking, data network infrastructure, and premises cabling distribution.  This relocation encompassed 60,600 square feet at the new location, as well as the redesign of the existing LAN, and installation of all new Category 5 cabling plant.

In an effort to ensure an effective and efficient relocation of our offices from 99 Park Avenue to Two Park Avenue, United Way of New York City secured the services of DVI Communications. Inc. to control all phases of implementation related to Voice Communications systems and Networking, Data Networking and Premises Cable Distribution. DVI applied their expertise toward this multi-phase relocation which occupied 60,600 square feet of space and encompassed the evaluation and redesign of our existing LAN, and an all new cabling plant. In addition, they helped us evaluate, design and select communications systems that greatly improved the performance over our existing equipment. Needless to say, we were extremely pleased with the performance of DVI Cornmunications Inc. and would highly recommend their services.”

-Guy Benson, Chief Financial Officer