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Roswell Park Cancer Institute

DVI has extensive knowledge of healthcare and medical campus environments and can assist these entities deploy cost-effective, secure, state-of-the-art systems.

For Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY) DVI supported the major modernization of this comprehensive National Cancer Care Center’s existing complex consists of eighteen (18) buildings on 25 acres. DVI Communications, Inc., served as the information systems technology consultant for the project. The quarter-billion-dollars modernization plans called for the construction of a new Main Hospital Building (180 beds), new lab/ vivarium complex, renovation of several existing buildings, a state-of-the-art telecommunications network interconnecting the complex with new telephone system and high-speed and local area networking. The complex required a modern telecommunications/LAN infrastructure in the major buildings as well as the campus backbone, to support existing and future applications such as high resolution imaging, bedside computing, and so on.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the oldest cancer research center among 20+ renowned
research institutions in the United States,underwent a major modernization of its existing facilities and constructing two new buildings in Buffalo, NY.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to preserve continuity of operations at the old hospital at the same time as the new hospital was being constructed in the immediate vicinity using shared underground infrastructure (electrical, Communications and other critical utilities). The foundation of the new Main Hospital could not be laid until a portion of the existing hospital had been demolished. The construction sequencing was complicated further by the fact that some of the current buildings could not be completely removed until the new Main Hospital was up and operating. Therefore a number of enabling projects and interim swing moves were first required before the main construction could proceed. The hospital’s services had to function without disruption; DVI successfully supported the challenge to provide continuity of operations for a seamless transition from the old to new facilities. For example, over a weekend, an existing 2200 line telephone system was moved to a new switching location with no loss of phone service to in excess of 100 mission-critical emergency telephones.