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Developing and deploying large integrated and interconnected network of information and communication systems is essential for the insurance industry. We understand the needs of this industry.

The Insurance industry has a number of unique requirements, as they deal with managing risk and doing so profitably. In addition to traditional office automation and mobility requirements, typically in a Big Data environment, the industry needs to maintain a high level of cybersecurity. Compliance is also a critical issue. Introduction of a number of self–service initiatives (similar to other segments of the financial services industry) promotes greater customer satisfaction and information accessibility. The role of independent agents in product sales continues to impose special requirements.

DVI Communications has supported a number of insurance firms deploy state-of-the-art IT and networking technologies with the goal of enhancing productivity, facilitating growth and managing risk. Clients have included Aetna, AIG (American International Group), Metropolitan Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance, among others.