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Major Investment Banking Firm

DVI can manage the deployment of large, complex, telecommunications systems that support trading and back office applications telecommunications systems.

For a Major Investment Banking Firm based in New York City, DVI provided the project management and voice technologies consulting for the design, engineering and acquisition of all Back Office Voice and Trader Voice communications systems for the firm’s new headquarters.

The firm undertook a large-scale office consolidation, systems migration, and personnel relocation of its New York City Back Office Voice (BOV) and Trader Voice (TV) Operations to a new 45-story headquarters building located at 383 Madison Avenue. In terms of personnel, the total relocation effort encompassed 4,200 employees, drawing from multiple office locations in Manhattan. This systems migration effort actually involved the extensive procurement of a wide range of state-of-the-art data and voice technology for the BOV and TV operations environments, to be driven by a complex RFP process which DVI created, managed, and oversaw.

The communications system included:

  • A 8,000+ line metro area switching system
  • A 7,000+ user unified messaging system
  • A 1500-position trading floor with state of the art VoIP – based trading turrets, intercom and hoot n’ holler
  • A conferencing system
  • An intercom system
  • A paging system
  • A wireless system, and
  • Interconnection to five satellite sites with new PBX equipment, conferencing, intercom, paging and wireless systems.

Systems examined for the project included leading edge technologies from Lucent and Nortel as well as Verizon’s Centrex offering. A massive research effort was mobilized in order to specify the major telecommunications systems to be purchased for the new headquarters building in Manhattan. As part of developing the new Voice Technology for the firm’s HQ, DVI also contributed to the installation of a Demonstration and Test lab. DVI coordinated support from IPC, BT, Verizon, and PBX vendors (Lucent and Nortel.)

DVI also managed the implementation and installation of two PBXs, Nortel Meridian1 (Option 11c), an IPC Tradenet MX Alliance system, an Octel voicemail, and a Call Pilot voicemail; DVI also undertook the installation of a QSIG interface between IPC and Nortel. The initiative consisted of managing the scope of the project, as well as supervising the various Trades (electricians, IPC, cabling) for the installation of PBXs, Trunks, Lines (T1, E1 and PRIs), phone sets, voicemail, in addition to supervising and coordinating the demonstration of voice products for the firm’s management and IT personnel. DVI managed the selection and implementation of the 1,350 IPC Tradenet IPMX VoIP trading turrets. At the time of this installation, it was the largest VoIP turret deployment in the world. DVI also contributed to the Installation of two Unified Messaging solutions, Octel and Call Pilot. Octel was installed as a separate system, isolated from the firm’s environment. The Nortel Unified Messaging was installed and rolled out to test users in the firm’s environment