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Philip Morris/Altria

DVI has expertise in the industrial communications and process-control environments and can assist these entities deploy state-of-the-art systems.

Phillip Morris, New York, NY: DVI Communications performed numerous projects for the Philip Morris Companies in the past including: Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris Management Corporation and Philip Morris International. Selected projects included:

  • Philip Morris USA, NYC: Data Communications Infrastructure for 120 Park Avenue
  • Philip Morris USA, NYC: LAN/Network Control Center Support Service Performance
  • Philip Morris USA, Denver: Thunder/Marlboro Unlimited
  • Philip Morris Management Corp., NYC: Reconfigurable Voice/Data/ Video Architecture for Datacom Infrastructure at 100 Park Avenue
  • Philip Morris Management Corp., NYC: Backbone Cable Plant for Ryebrook/Stamford
  • Philip Morris USA, MAST: Wireless Project in Richmond, VA, Caberas, NC for Plant/Process Manager

Some of these are described in greater detail below:

DVI supported the design and implementation of a test lab environment in NYC to prototype the performance of applications being migrated to a new technology platform and networking infrastructure. This role included the development of the SLA metrics that would be used to qualify application ports from a Apple environment to an Intel-based switched Ethernet environment.

For PM USA, DVI supported the analysis, detailed design, engineering, and implementation management of the Telecommunications Cabling Plant at 120 Park Avenue. The new Cabling Plant consisted of high- speed unshielded twisted pair cabling to the desktop augmented with fiber optic backbone/risers emanating from a wire distribution center. DVI has also designed and laid out the Philip Morris USA production data center in NYC and designed, engineering and implementation management of a fiber optic backbone utility for Ryebrook, NY.