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NFL – National Football League

These days companies are focused on serving their customers and they can thus benefit from engaging DVI for their technology deployments, whether voice, video, data, wireless or cloud, or even their distribution facilities (e.g., satellite).

For the National Football League (NFL) DVI provided the data/telecommunications infrastructure, cabling systems designs and implementation management for the NFL’s HQ at 280 Park Avenue, Manhattan. For an organization that runs the most widely watch televised event in the world communications are mission critical. Whether the NFL is running the Superbowl or organizing a draft a well-organized headquarters operation is behind it all. Throughout the year league officials oversee the activities of two football leagues (NFL and NFL Europe). Together these comprise 36 teams in 35 cities. In order to schedule games, gather statistics, organize officiating and communicate with teams, and the media the NLF relies on sophisticated telecommunications systems. When the NFL decided it was time to improve those systems they turned to DVI Communications for help.

DVI’s work included developing the necessary specifications, evaluating the vendor proposals, selecting the contractor, and overseeing the conduct of the implementation. The new system delivers full channel TV service direct to each user’s PC, thus eliminating the need for separate TV monitors at each desk. The new design also incorporates DVI’s FORRCE cabling system for added redundancy at a lower than normal cost. The NFL cable plant supports voice, LAN/WAN, and video communications for all locations. A new PBX with unified messaging/voice mail and wireless telephony systems was also deployed. The project was completed with a temporary link from the old site to the new, thus ensuring that the NFL maintained continuous high-speed Ethernet access to their LAN and all data services.

DVI Communications, Inc., developed our new data/telecommunications infrastructure system located in our headquarters at 280 Park Avenue. The infrastructure included state of the art cabling, telephone, LAN, and video distribution systems including a DSS antenna farm on the building roof. DVI assessed our current and future needs and designed a system which is easy to both use and maintain. Their design also allowed us to eliminate the use of separate TV monitors at employees’ desks by delivering full channel TV service directly to their PC’s. The design also included data and voice transmission via category 5 twisted pair cable. They designed our 2,000 sq. foot technology center from floor to ceiling which is connected to our floor closest by DVI’s service marked fiber optic backbone system, FORRCEsm.

DVI was able to arrange for special temporary link services between the old and new office sites which allowed the client to move the datacenter and server farm two months before the rest of office moved. During this period, users still enjoyed full Ethernet LAN speed access and response to all data.

“DVI’s project manger remained receptive to our needs.  He continually displayed professionalism and technical expertise that allowed our project to be completed efficiently and successfully while keeping costs to a minimum. He considered every criteria, ensuring that our system will not only be effective now, but will expand with us…. I highly recommend them with great confidence.” – John Buzzeo, Senior Director Human Resources and Administration, National Football League.