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DVI has undertaken a large number of large cable-system designs and infrastructure enhancements for several clients in harsher non- office environments.

DVI was engaged for a full modernization of the cable plant for the GAF facility in Wayne, NJ. This location has been used as the primary entrance facility of Atlantic Bell for telephone and WAN service to the entire Wayne campus. There was a significant amount of cable congestion in the main distribution frame room which is desirable to alleviate. Furthermore, the existing data cable plant was a mixture of Category 5e and unknown category cables. Workstation cross-connects to data communication electronics are made using varied materials. Hubs had coaxial cable looped to each hub, creating a single segment network.

The client wanted to upgrade the existing cable plant to be upgraded so that it may be more easily managed, properly identified and have more flexibility so as to support future system upgrades. The separation of network engineering work from cable installation work was also desired.

Data Fiber Backbone Plant between floors was installed. The riser cabling plant for data consisted of diversely routed, looped, multimode, fiber optic cabling. The 2nd floor data center was linked to each TC via a continuous loop of fiber optic cable originating and terminating at the Data Center. At each TC and in the Network Control Center/ Help Desk an access loop was provided to route to the fiber termination patch panel and to double the required slack necessary for proper termination.. The DC MDF on the 2nd floor provided a terminus for all data backbone fiber optic cable.