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Financial Services

DVI assists the Financial Services Industry to manage large, complex information processing system environments where high throughput, low latency, ultra-high reliability with fault tolerance and auditable security are paramount.

DVI Communications understands well the critical requirements of the Financial Services Industry and the emphasis on very high availability and on security. Uptime is money, hence, financial institutions must have reliable, redundant, and technology-proven networking and computing infrastructure. Business continuity and disaster recovery are also major requirements. Up-to-date process-and productivity-enhancing technologies no longer provide the same competitive edge but are an absolute necessity to even participate in this fast-moving and high-stakes environment. IT and network security are paramount, and DVI is well versed in this field, both in cybersecurity as well as in physical/building/space security.

Over the years, DVI has integrated multiple disciplines and technology specialties on behalf of leading financial institutions (over two dozen firms), and is regarded as a trusted and experienced source of technical design, engineering, and deployment services for the industry. Selected case studies include: