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Telecommunications Technologies

Transmission and Switching Systems

DVI can assist Clients deploy state-of-the-art Transmission and Switching Systems. Our expertise includes SONET, DWDM, Metro Ethernet services as well as legacy technologies such as DS-1, DS-3 and of course Analog although the primary focus today remains digital transmission and soft switches some clients continue to require interoperability with sunken investments in legacy switching and transmission systems.

Carrier Services

Carrier Services are important from both a project delivery perspective as well as from a cost-saving perspective. DVI’s expertise in this space includes: Carrier Analysis and Selection, Tariff Analysis, Facility/Demark Design, Service Provisioning, and Testing Support for various switched, Ethernet, and private line services.

Internet, Intranet, Extranet Services

Internet, Intranet, Extranet expertise that DVI can bring to the table for our Clients include: Remote Access, Service Provider Selection and Architecture/Addressing Plans as well as Internet of Things (IoT) technology (sensors). Such technologies enable our clients using virtual networking capabilities to deploy a mix of public/private networks and services to reliably and economically support networking needs.

Messaging Systems

Messaging Systems remain important for all organizations, even if the basic system have been around for years. DVI can assists Clients with the following: Voice Mail, E-Mail, Unified Messaging, S/F Fax, SMS/MMS, and Switching as well as Media Gateways.

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Device Support is becoming critical given the mobile workforce and the mobile nature of many of today’s businesses. DVI’s expertise in this arena includes: Smartphone, PDA, Mobile Computing, Security & Integration with Existing Organizational networks.

Video Systems

Video Systems are now part of many organizations environment. DVI expertise includes: high-end videoconferencing systems, Satellite distribution, Multicasting, DTH, IPTV, HDTV.

Voice Communications

Voice Communications Systems remain critical for nearly all organizations. DVI’s extensive expertise in this space includes: VoIP Switching (Premises and Hosted), IP PBXs, Voice Messaging, Automatic Call Distribution (ACDs), Interactive Voice Response and Predictive Dialers; Voice Recording, Trading Turrets, Intercoms; Voice Processing and Transcoding; Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), SIP/H.323 and Session Border Controllers (SBCs) as well as legacy switching systems.

Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications has become the norm for many organizations. DVI’s expertise includes: Land Mobile Radio (UHF/VHF), Coverage Analysis, VSATs, High Throughput Satellites (HTS), DTH systems, LOS Microwave, Wi-Fi/WiMAX, Cellular (3G/4G LTE/5G), DAS and In-Building wireless for both Voice and Data requirements as well as Sensor networks/Internet of Things (IoT).

Audio Visual Systems

DVI also assists firms to build out complex Audio Visual Systems: Boardrooms, War Rooms, Displays, Video/Sound Distribution Systems, including all components such as Microphones and Speakers, Multimedia Displays, with room controls and Lighting and Acoustic integration. Applications and facilities include: Tele-distance learning, Video Conferencing, Studios and, Network Operations Centers (NOCs).