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AT&T Local Services

Carriers often outsource a number of technology/equipment installation activities to outside parties.  DVI can support these initiatives for a large plethora of Network Elements.

For AT&T Local Network Services, DVI engineered and managed the rollout / replacement of a nationwide switched network (SONET & ATM based – also, the original Metro Ethernet Services and VPNs). DVI staff supported the “in house” AT&T / Teleport teams.

The projects were both in support of rollout of new AT&T services, and integration of the former Teleport Network Infrastructure into the core AT&T Communications Data Network. Generally speaking, the conversion was to the AT&T standard, but had to be performed in such a way as to preserve continuity of operations for Teleport’s existing customer set. Major projects supported include:

  • Conversion of core switching network from Fore ATM Switches to Ascend Network Switches
  • Expansion of SONET infrastructure
  • Rollout of AT&T Transparent LAN Services
  • Rollout of AT&T xDSL (Digital Subscriber Loop) Services, for multiplexed voice and high speed data access services, into both AT&T central offices and ILEC central offices (i.e., co-location)

DVI personnel served as staff augmentation to AT&T teams, and provided project management, implementation, and technical consultative service as required.