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Leading Securities Exchange

DVI can assist Clients assess non-standard solutions to communications systems.  In particular this includes high-availability, high-throughput, low-latency wireless and wireline systems.

For a Leading Securities Exchange, DVI performed a technical due diligence assessment of several service providers who submitted responses/proposals to the Customer’s Request for Information (RFI) for a low latency microwave network. The due diligence included demonstrable capabilities to implement microwave network (including use of 3rd party microwave system designers, integrators, acquisition of licenses and tower real-estate).

An appropriately-designed Multi-hop microwave network (MHMN) can provide lower latency delivery of equity market data to non-co-located market participants as well as facilitate quicker decision-making based on activities in related markets than fiber-optic alternatives due to the faster radio wave propagation through the atmosphere than photonic signals in fiber. Achieving this goal is contingent upon ultra-low insertion delay repeaters, minimizing the number of hops in the end-to-end path and obtaining as “straight” a path as possible between computing/ trade processing facilities in metro NY and suburban Chicago. Despite the attraction of low latency, certain minimum throughput and availability levels must be sustained.

The work entailed technical diligence on the finalist service providers:

  • A local access provider offering short- haul microwave using 70/80 GHz (E-band) microwave links
  • A Long-haul service provider offering low latency connectivity through a mix of 6 & 11 GHz microwave links between the NYC region & Chicago region (CME’s Aurora Data Center)

The importance of this technology is underscored in the article below: