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Financial Top 10 Bank

DVI can plan the deployment of large VoIP systems for financial services clients that includes legacy and state-of-the-art technology.

For a Top 10-Bank, DVI supported the definition of a Hosted VoIP Telephone and voice mail service to replace a premises-based network of legacy PBX and voice mail systems deployed at multiple locations for the Bank in the Commonwealth of Virginia. DVI embarked on a project to effectively migrate all of its legacy PBX telephone systems to an Enterprise-wide VoIP switching platform and Unified Messaging Platform in the greater Richmond, VA area. This network encompassed 8+ sites, supporting approximately 16,000 lines using a managed services paradigm with a premises-based platform. The intent was to leverage the existing data network (Cisco-based) and achieve some level of network convergence. In addition, extension to Wireless VoIP (over installed and to be deployed WiFi LANs was also contemplated. After receiving competitive bids from AT&T/Avaya, Verizon/Cisco, Verizon/ Nortel, SBC/Nortel and Nextira /Alcatel, the Top 10-Bank elected to leverage its Nortel installed base via the Succession convergence strategy. DVI was further retained to design security architecture for VoIP to prevent hacking of the new communications architecture.

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