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DVI has assisted large institutions and agencies deploy IT and telecommuncations systems at a local, national and global level.

Local, State & Federal government agencies and other public-sector institutions have diverse, yet critical requirements to support their statutory missions on behalf of their constituents. Whether in terms of communication systems, public safety, regulation monitoring, energy conservation, or defense, government entities often require approaches and technologies that must integrate with and preserve their existing embedded base of systems and processes in as cost–effective a manner as possible, while offering new capabilities and functions. Furthermore, these projects are often interdisciplinary and intermural; hence, to achieve assured success, a collaborative approach that involves strategic partnership from the very start of the project is needed. System performance, system security, and on-budget delivery throughout the entire lifecycle are uncompromisable tenets, which the agency requires and deserves.

DVI has undertaken numerous government-based technology deployments and/or refresh projects over the years, for

  • Civilian agencies;
  • Military/defense agencies;
  • State and Local governments; and,
  • Federal government agencies.

Each of these segments, even different entities within each segment, has unique and distinct requirements, goals, oversight, and practices. DVI is well-versed in these different environments and work regimes, and stands ready to effectively assist each government Client in its own practice and mode of operation. DVI has undertaken numerous advanced initiatives for local agencies including the City of New York, the Port Authority of NY/NJ, and the State of New York and New Jersey; for Military/Defense agencies including the Defense Communications Agency, the Naval Electronics Systems Command, the U.S. Marine Corps, the United Nations; and, for civilian agencies including the Department of Justice / U.S. District Courts and the United Nations. See the case studies below to get a more complete sense of the integrated end-to-end role that DVI can play and bring to the table.