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Situational Awareness Assessment and Harmonized Solutions

    DVI is seasoned in guiding Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies in all aspects of Situational Aware system implementation, from requirements collection and specification development, to technology selection, multi-vendor harmonized integration, deployment, and administration inclusive of:

    • Video Management Systems (VMS)
    • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
    • Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management Systems (CAD/RMS)
    • Correlation/Data Mining and Analytics Solutions
    • Visualization and Presentation Platforms
    • Situational Awareness Hybrid Eco-System Integration

    SAVE® (Security Assessment/Situational Awareness Validation & Engineering), DVI’s comprehensive security consulting service framework is based upon proven and key operational elements within Public Safety and Law Enforcement to address the requirements of each client’s unique environment.

    DVI cost effectively guides Law Enforcement Agencies to achieve the following end goals:

    • Prudent use of advanced and emerging technologies inclusive of audio/video, perimeter protection and biometric addressing potential vulnerabilities and requirements.
    • Utilization of tools and technologies to mitigate/thwart potential physical and air borne threats.
    • Enhancement of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.
    • Optimization of scripted security policies and procedures to proactively mitigate and address in real time a range of potential threats within your environment.

    DVI Communications has a proven 40 year track record of the design and implementation of Enforcement/Public Safety agency technology platform solutions. We are experts in both legacy and the latest in state of the art Video Surveillance Technology, Access Control, Intruder Detection, Telecommunications and Analytics/Event Correlation platforms. We are well versed in the fluid integration of the multitude of available technologies and solution sets. Our technology security experience spans both public and private sector clients and unique property types. Representative client security projects are provided below:

    Physical Security Project for NYC School construction Authority and Department of Education
    • Physical Security Project for Maersk
    • Physical Security Project for MTA
    • Physical Security Project for Windward School
    • Physical Security Project for Jacobi Medical Center – HHC
    • Physical Security Project for Prominent Commercial Litigation Boutique Firm