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Maersk Inc.

DVI can manage the deployment of advanced and all-inclusive physical security systems for large clients in multi-campus environments.

DVI has assisted Maersk with two (2) major security projects. They are:

 1.  The renovation of its owned Corporate Headquarters at 2 Giralda Farms, Madison NJ and adjacent Leased offices at 7 Giralda Farms, comprising approximately 250,000 square feet (in the aggregate).

Maersk provides security for its employees and corporate assets at these locations through a combination of guard patrols and building/landlord provided technology including:

  • Video-Surveillance with Recording (Multiple fixed and PTZ Camera Locations)
  • Personnel Access Control Systems (Cardkey)

The existing CCTV and access control systems at 2 Giralda Farms although functional were technically obsolete and lacked several features and capabilities which would have facilitated a more integrated security system tying together access control, alarms, video surveillance, motion detection, duress alerts and guard dispatch.

DVI designed a new system serving both buildings that includes:

  • Single Card Access Control to all buildings (compatible with existing Building Access Control system in 7)
  • Speed Gate entry control at main entrance and employee garage entrance
  • Photo ID on Access Control cards for staff and contractors as well as integration with a new Visitor Management system providing temporary photo IDs
  • New Vehicle Transponder system for automated access to the underground parking facility for employees and contractors
  • New guard house and entry control barriers to underground parking garage
  • 2-way Intercom to selected locations
  • Panic/Duress Alarm deployment in selected areas – notably the employee Health Club
  • Video-over-IP Surveillance System compatible with LAN distribution and Server storage
  • All new cameras were IP and existing analog cameras were equipped with converters to tie them into the IP new IP system
  • IR & Motion Intrusion Detection at building main air intake shafts
  • Integration of Video Surveillance, Alarms and Access control to have “intelligent” event filtering for display to operators at Main Security Console and Book marking of Event recordings
  • Renovation of the Security Command Center and upgrade of all monitoring and display systems
  • Capability for the addition of remote monitoring of other Maersk sites from the new Command Center
  • The systems deployed at the Giralda Farms site are now the standard for all Maersk US office facilities


2.  Relocation of its Charlotte, NC offices to an existing 346,000 SQF building to be renovated to house approximately 1,500 employees. The Security and Access Control Systems that were installed there included all of the features and capabilities of the NJ site except for the vehicle transponder garage access control since the NC site has exterior parking lots. The project included 57 cameras and 140 card readers. In addition, the NC site, known as Arrowpoint, has the following additional features:

  • Twelve (12) wireless IP cameras using WiFi to link them to the main system for coverage of the parking lots;
  • Two way audio on the new IP cameras to permit remote security management of the site;
  • IP based security intercom system linking two main entry doors, two security desks at two main lobbies, the Security Command Center and other key doors such as the loading dock; and,
  • Links to the Main US Security Command Center in NJ over Maersk’s private high speed data network for coordination of the access control systems to permit the use of one card across both sites by all employees and contractors.