DVI Communications Inc. (DVI), a leading provider of IT, Security, AV and Telecom consulting and integration services in the NYC-tristate area, announced a major addition to its growing cybersecurity practice. DVI has now teamed with Risk Based Security, Inc. (RBS) (a leading cybersecurity firm) as an authorized reseller of RBS’ ground-breaking products providing vulnerability intelligence, data breach analytics, and risk management services.

“Due to the critical importance of cybersecurity in all the industry segments, we have recently expanded our practice to encompass cyber as well as physical security consulting services and have sought partners with unique capabilities in these arenas. RBS is the leading provider of cyber analytics and vulnerability intelligence and we’re excited to be working together with RBS,” said Benedict Occhiogrosso, President DVI. “We look forward to assisting our customers with access to timely and high-quality, fine-grain vulnerability intelligence and cyber risk analysis in support of their IT cyber-security initiatives.”

“We look forward to assisting our customers access timely and high-quality, fine-grain vulnerability intelligence and cyber risk analysis in support of their IT cyber-security initiatives.”

Benedict Occhiogrosso,
President of DVI Communications

RBS’ threat intelligence solution is the most comprehensive vulnerability database and third party library monitoring service available in the industry. RBS offers the Vulnerability Database (VulnDB), for comprehensive vulnerability intelligence through a continuously updated data feed. VulnDB allows organizations to poll the extensive Vulnerability Database for the latest in software security vulnerability information. The VulnDB data feed provides organizations with timely, accurate, and thorough vulnerability information of their current and planned IT infrastructure. VulnDB is ideal for organizations that need timely information on threats to their organization, companies that create signatures for security products, and agencies tasked with providing incident response.

RBS’ Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) offers a full set of data breach analytics, threat reports and user-friendly dashboards designed specifically to identify security risks by industry. RBS’ proprietary software application crawls the Internet 24×7 to capture and aggregate data breach incidents. RBS researchers manually scour news feeds, blogs and scan the cyber underground looking for exposed data, newly reported data breaches, and breaches that need to be updated. Access to CRA provides organizations with the data breach intelligence required to make risk-based decisions supporting security program strategy, vendor due diligence and performance monitoring, and risk management.

“RBS is pleased to extend our relationship with DVI Communications through this reseller agreement,” said Barry Kouns, President of RBS. “The blend of our technical expertise, data breach analytics, and vulnerability intelligence, combined with DVI Communications’ management experience serving clients in the Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Transportation, and Real Estate market in the New York City tristate area makes for a powerful team”, Kouns said.

About Risk Based Security, Inc.

Risk Based Security equips organizations with vulnerability intelligence, data breach analytics, risk management services, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 consulting, and on-demand security solutions to establish customized risk-based programs to address information security and compliance challenges.

For more information, please visit: http://www.riskbasedsecurity.com/ or call 855-RBS-RISK.

About DVI Communications

DVI is a leading Information Technology and Networking consultancy and systems engineering firm with focus in IT, Telecommunications, Security and Audio-Visual systems. The firm serves many clients in several markets including: Education & Institutional, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare and Medical, Insurance, Legal, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, High Technology, and Transportation & Energy utilities, among others. In addition, DVI also provides expert witness support for Intellectual Property matters involving Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Protection, Theft of Intellectual Property, Breach of Contract and other actions for many technologies in the telecom carrier, multimedia, VoIP, digital imaging, satellite, wireless, security and e-commerce arenas.

For more information, please visit http://www.dvicomm.com/ or call Jim Gleason, Director, Business Development 212-267-2929 (Email: Jgleason@dvicomm.com).