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New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) and NYC Department of Education

DVI’s physical security installations meet government standards for quality and scope.

DVI provided a quality assurance function for the NYC DOE Office of School Safety and Intervention with respect to their deployment of the IPDVS (Internet Protocol over Video Distribution System). The first phase of IPDVS deployment in 38 Group I schools employed state-of-the-art video surveillance technology employing LAN based video servers with multiple viewing stations – user PCs manned by educators as well as school safety personnel. The typical size is several dozen analog cameras per school which are encoded using MPEG4 and converted to IP for transport over the school’s existing LAN. Motion detection is initially being used, with an evolution to more advanced Image Processing and Analysis. The system is integrated with Door Annunciation Controls and may export video clips as part of student disciplinary proceedings. Remote Live and Archival Viewing is possible from both local and centralized monitoring stations. Both field testing and Lab testing of the Installed technology was performed.