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IoT Services

blossom-v-for-websiteDVI Communications offers an array of services for IoT applications with focus on  smart/LED lighting for towns and commercial buildings, physical surveillance, logistics, e-health, smart cities, smart-energy and home automation applications

Many observers characterize the IoT as the most disruptive technology since the World Wide Web. Market research forecasts regarding the installed base for IoT devices range between 20 and 30 billion devices by 2020, supporting many revenue-generating applications.

Healthcare, transportation logistics, public safety, security and surveillance, smart grids, ‘smart cities’, ‘smart buildings’ and ‘smart energy/green operations’ are just some of the initial targeted applications.

DVI Communications has introduced a number of IoT services to assist technology companies, enterprise users, and service providers to leverage this rapidly-evolving technology. Agility will be key in preparing transaction processing systems, networks, and data analytics to support the avalanche of new smart end-points and traffic that will be generated.

In particular, DVI Communications can assist towns and municipalities in developing implementation plans to convert their street lighting to energy-saving LED-based systems.

The payback of such initiatives can often be as short as 5 years. A municipality of (say) 60,000 inhabitants typically has 6,000 streetlights and may spend in the range of $1M per year on lighting. A conversion to LED street lighting can save in the range of $75 per year per streetlight in energy consumption.

DVI Communications works with towns to assess their environment and develop replacement plans.

Our services also encompass: IoT Industry Tracking, IoT Product Development, IoT Engineering and Development, and IoT Network Support. Specifically, DVI Communications will support stake holders as follows:

IoT Industry Tracking 

  • IoT white papers/assessments
  • Market sizing & research for various IoT segments
  • IoT system architectures
  • IoT wireless access technologies
  • Develop IoT standards and/or contributions to Standards Bodies

IoT Product Development

  • IoT business plan for a vertical-application
  • Develop products for this space
  • Develop new applications
  • Review an IoT architecture for validity/cost-effectiveness
  • IoT business development for vertical-application

IoT Engineering and Development

  • IoT solution engineering, including technology selection
  • IoT deployment a vertical-application
  • Smart-city design/deployment
  • Smart-building design/engineering/deployment (including low-power/LED lighting, environmentals)
  • Smart-living design/engineering/deployment (e.g., Ambient and assisted living applications)
  • Smart-grid design/engineering/deployment
  • E-health design/engineering/deployment (institutional or consumer service)
  • Physical security design/engineering/deployment, including video surveillance and other situational awareness applications
  • Logistics tracking systems (including satellite-based, LTE/4G, 5G), including design/engineering/deployment
  • DHS/public transportation security design/engineering/deployment

IoT Network Support

  • Deploy IPv6 networks to support IoT applications
  • Fine-tune their networks to support IoT applications, fog computing, and cloud computing
  • Deploy large wireless sensor networks
  • Develop cybersecurity measures for large/institutional environment

In addition, DVI can assist firms with Intellectual Property and Expert Witness matters (e. g., patent infringement, invalidity or defense) in relation to IoT technologies and systems.

DVI’s Industry Presence in the IoT Arena

DVI has published extensively on the topic of IoT at IEEE Conferences and in books and book chapters, including on the following topics (by way of publication title):

IoT Technology

  • Book: Building the Internet of Things with IPv6 and MIPv6: The Evolving World of M2M Communications, Wiley 2013
  • Book: Innovations in Satellite Communication and Satellite Technology — The Industry Implications of DVB-S2X, High Throughput Satellites, Ultra HD, M2M, and IP, Wiley 2015
  • Book: Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology, Protocols, and Applications, Wiley 2007 (referenced by over 1000 researchers, as noted by Google Scholar)

Smart City/Smart Buildings/Energy/Transportation

IoT Security

  • Blockchain mechanisms for IoT Security, Elsevier IoT Journal, Issue 1, Volume 1, Summer 2018
  •  IoT Security (IoTSec) Considerations, Requirements, and Architectures (IEEE CCNC 2017, January 2017) http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7983271/
  • IoT Security (IoTSec) Mechanisms For e-Health and Ambient Assisted Living Applications – A Big Data Role, The Second IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Safe, Energy-Aware, & Reliable Connected Health (SEARCH 2017) (collocated with CHASE 2017, Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies)
  • (MISERI) Method for a uniform measure and assessment of an institution’s aggregate cyber security risk and of the institution’s cybersecurity confidence index for it and IoT environments (submitted)

Other Emerging IoT Applications

  • Multimedia IoT Systems and Applications,  (GIoTS-2017), Organized by Mandat International, IEEE IoT TsC, the IoT Forum and IPv6 Forum (collocated with the IoT Week), 6-9 June 2017, Geneva, http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8016221/
  • The Use of Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and Related Protocols in Crowdsensing Applications For Smart Cities Environments (submitted)
  • Energy-Efficient IoT-Based “Black Box” For Aeronautical And Other Applications (submitted)