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American Management Association (AMA)

Professional services companies are invariably focused on managing their own business and they can benefit from partnering with DVI for their technology deployments.

When the AMA decided to relocate their offices from 135 West 50th Street to 1601 Broadway, they were challenged with how to move and upgrade their LAN system and the PBX.  DVI offered assistance in the in the planning, design, engineering, selection, implementation, testing and cutover of our telecommunications systems; data/local area network certification; and cabling plant evaluation.  

A key feature of the relocation effort was the development of a uniform cable plant which supports all of AMA’s voice and data communications.  DVI designed and engineered the wiring, cabling and fiber optics systems needed for our new offices’ cable plant.  This involved cable specifications, drawings, and bills of materials suitable for procuring bids (cable RFP).  DVI’s CAD designs were detailed and meshed nicely with the architect’s drawings; specifications detailed; and their selection process weighed each bid carefully choosing the correct vendor based on a number of factors.  

AMA also required assistance in the development of a LAN infrastructure that supported their existing application environment as well as addressed the future requirements of our corporate wide network plan.  Through the issuance of an RFP, DVI selected stackable HUBS which complemented our telecommunications systems and provided us with a data communications system perfect for our office.  DVI worked together with AMA’s architect, construction manager, and general contractor keeping everything on a tight schedule.