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New York Life Insurance

DVI develops reliable transport infrastructure to support a myriad of applications in the Insurance industry.

New York Life (NYL) formed NYLCare, a wholly owned subsidiary providing health care and employee benefits to millions of people nationwide.  NYLCare was created from two NYL divisions – Group Operations and Sanus Corp. Health Systems.  In order to affect the merger and establish a cohesive operation, NYL needed to house the formerly separate divisions in one office, develop an integrated network of information and communication systems, and establish a common repository of information resources.  To accomplish this, NYL asked DVI Communications to support the establishment of the new 180,000 sqf.  NYLCare corporate headquarters offices at 1 Liberty Plaza in New York City.  

The project encompassed all of NYLCare’s telecommunications infrastructure systems – connectivity devices, transport mediums and infrastructure equipment – at the new office.  For each of the systems, which were designed to support NYLCare’s voice communications (PBX) and local and wide area networking requirements, DVI provided a comprehensive suite of services that involved identifying technical and operational requirements, systems planning and design, selecting vendors, and managing the relocation and implementation of systems.

The telecommunications infrastructure that was deployed at 1 Liberty Plaza has helped lay the foundation for efficient operations and contributed to the establishment of a pleasant and productive working environment for NYLCare employees.  The key features of the infrastructure include a lateral cabling system consisting of Category 5 UTP station cable for voice and data communications, a backbone riser system using copper UTP cable for voice and Multimode Fiber Optic (MFO) cable for data transmissions, riser termination devices, cabinet equipment and inter-cabinet tie cables in NYLCare’s new data center.  

In addition, a uniform distribution system standard was adopted and implemented for all communications cabling.  The standard calls for each workstation to be wired with 3 Category 5 cables, one for voice and two for data.  This facilitated the addition, change, and relocation of personnel while eliminating the likelihood of having to install additional wiring.

The heart of the telecommunications infrastructure lies in the 9th floor data center.  This supports all networking operations within the facility including links with health care providers for claims processing and other NYL offices.  The data center, which occupies 4,000 sqf. of space on the 9th floor of the building, contained a 12’’ raised access floor, PABX, LAN servers, command and control stations, tie cables providing orderly connectivity between various systems and services, and a main distribution frame (MDF) for both voice and data backbone risers.  For data transmission, the MFO backbone riser cables originate from two separate locations in the data center, route to the 9th floor telecom closet and then to all remaining closets throughout the office.  The MFO riser backbone was developed utilizing DVI’s innovative design methodology which significantly lowers their costs by reducing the amount of material and labor needed to install the riser system.  For the voice riser backbone two 300 pair Category 3 plenum rated cables route from each telecom closet within the five floor office to the telephone MDF in the data center.