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DVI Communications’ Return-to-Work Services Post-COVID

The coronavirus COVID-19 has put the modern workplace in turmoil with short- and long-term implications for management as well as employees. Although remote working and work-from-home has demonstrated its effectiveness, there is a growing need for many companies to facilitate a return to the office for the workforce. From Facilities Managers, to Risk Managers, HR staffs, Corporate Legal Counsel, and up to COOs and CFOs, stakeholders are aware of the serious challenges of the ongoing return-to-work initiative. Management may need to:

• Optimize limited resources to sanitize the workspace and common areas

• Protect employees by methods such as temperature screening, office scheduling, meeting room usage and occupancy tracking

• Monitor and encourage social distancing in what were previously-dense work environments by utilizing centralized monitoring and dashboards

• Enhance the environment such as by increasing outside air usage and adjust temperature

• Enhance employees’ perception of working in a safe environment coupled with the need to minimize COVID-19 spread

• ‘Transform’ the business posture to make use of optimized processes, people, and office space

• Comply with return to work rules and regulations instituted by local and/or national jurisdictions.

Validation Infection Containment and Control (DVIC)

Office Access and Activity Monitoring

(including employee temperature monitoring, employee office flows, and people densities). Tools and solutions range from simple automated thermometers to advanced thermal infrared scanning cameras.

Office Physical/Desk Distancing

in support of Social Distancing (including space management, local contact tracing, mask-wearing compliance, and office space optimization). Tools and solutions range from simple desk and conference room sensors to smart card/Bluetooth solution, to advanced video analytics).

Office Dynamic Cluster Monitoring & Analysis

(including real-time hotspot management around office concentration points, amenities, restrooms, elevators, halls). Tools and solutions range from static density recorders to real-time analytics).

Office Environmental Monitoring

(including air quality, temperature, CO2/VCO). Tools and solutions range from stand-alone sensors to IoT gateways integrated with the building’s HVAC system.

Office Resource Management

(including optimally efficient bathroom and common area cleaning), using a variety of tools.

System-wide Contact Tracing

for employees to manage possible threats to the employee population, using a variety of tools.


Offices of the future may include several suburban locations with a modified HQ site. DVI can assist firms develop or update business strategies to thrive while addressing post COVID-19 realities.

Assesment of Critical Business Processes


Development of a Post-COVID-19 Strategy

Central Hub (HQ) with Distributed Regional Offices

• Identify Locations (e.g., Office Buildings, Hotels)

• Suitability: -> Physical (e.g., low rise structure, parking, highway access, food sources, cleaning services); and -> Technological (e.g., Wi-Fi, site security; conferencing capabilities/video) 

Staff Relocation (Distributed Regional Offices)

• Based on home location (e.g., “center points” within a specified radius, identifying suitable facilities) • Based on job function (e.g., determine which jobs require collaboration, such as Sales, R&D, etc.; and determine which jobs can function at same level as HQ without collaboration, such as IT, Finance, Legal, Administration)

• Based on available technologies (e.g., power redundancy; high speed Internet access; choices of carriers; carrier/service redundancy; server room facilities; site-provided videoconference rooms) 

Floor Design

• Office (e.g., single occupancy, social distancing, self-contained, protective surroundings/Plexiglas)

• Conference rooms occupancy management

• Access design of one-way walkways

Workstation setup (e.g., requirements based on job function; standardization; security; remote support)

Connectivity and bandwidth (e.g., access facilities, network security; redundancy; video capabilities) 

Data backup & restore (e.g., Data Center vs Cloud)


When people return to the office, they must be able to work safely and to have assurance that their company is concerned about their well-being. Firms need, and, in fact, have the opportunity, to maintain productivity and business focus.

Value Proposition

DVI Communications, working with its many leading-edge partners, can offer software and IoT sensor-based solutions to help occupants, managers, and building owners address many aspects of the new post-COVID-19 work paradigm.


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